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We are Toli Moli Burmese Bodega,

a snack shop serving falooda and dumplings, where you can also buy hard-to-find Asian groceries, books by people of color, and more.

What is falooda? 

Falooda is a layered dessert drink and popular street snack found in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and throughout the world. Inspired by Burmese falooda and every stamp in our passports, we stack superfoods and house-made ingredients so you can see each layer in the cup. We combine classic regional flavors with modern inspirations. #FaloodaNation is a nod to everyone around the world who loves this sweet treat as much as we do.



1309 5th Street NE

Washington, DC 20002

(inside Union Market)



Mon-Wed - 11am-7pm

Thurs-Sat - 11am-8pm

Sun - 11am-7pm


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