Jocelyn Law-Yone (Chef JoJo) is a teacher, student, artist and traveler who swims with sharks. Her daughter, Simone Jacobson, is a restaurant manager, performer and community organizer with a strong passion for empowering women and the arts. Together, they strive to bring Chef JoJo’s favorite childhood dessert drink - the sweet treat globally known as falooda - to the widest possible audience.

In Burma, the Anglo-Indian phrase “toli moli” means “a little of this and a little of that.” Growing up in Rangoon, Chef JoJo learned quality food is an essential ingredient for good dinner conversations. As a child, she often followed her relatives to the market and watched how they used fresh ingredients to create fragrant, delicious meals from scratch. Remembering her “falooda days” in Burma fondly, Chef JoJo hopes her own version will be enjoyed anytime people seek to create new memories with their own family and friends.

JoJo - Chef & Co-Owner

Birthplace: Rangoon, Burma

Favorite Snack: Papadum

Past Lives: AP Art History Educator, Children's Clothing Shop Owner, Painter, Travel Agent

Simone - Cultural Connector & Co-Owner

Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona

Favorite Snack: Prawn Chips

Past Lives: Hip-Hop Dancer, Preschool Teacher, Arts & Project Manager, Poet, Essayist

Eric - GM & Co-Owner

Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan

Favorite Snack: Onigiri

Past Lives: Short Fiction Writer, Food & Beverage Blogger, Oyster Po' Boy Seeker, Master Counter